Have you put your happiness on the back burner for "more important" things? Have you treated your own self as an afterthought? Here are a few ways that you can start the process of finding your passion again.

Think back to when you were in school and your teacher would ask you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" We had NO LIMITS! We believed that we could be ANYTHING we wanted to be. We didn't think about how long it would take, how much schooling, how much it would cost, etc. We just knew that was what we wanted to be because it would make us happy.

As we get older, life kind of beats us up along the way. Our thoughts become clustered with many lies and untruths about ourselves that were told to us by people that, if we really think about it, didn't love themselves. So how can we expect those same people to pour into our lives love and positivity from an empty well?

You have to approach your passions in life in the same manner as a you once did as a child. The only difference is now we are adults and have more responsibilities along with those passions.

So now that you are on your life's journey that has been consumed with limited beliefs, you are probably wondering, "How do I find my passion?"

Think on what TRULY makes you happy. What makes you GLOW and light up like a Christmas tree when you think or talk about it?

How do you make that idea into a reality? Structure, discipline and drive are the key.

PLAN- Write down all the steps it will take to get there. (i.e. rearranging your schedule, saving money)

ACTION-With each step, create a plan of action (i.e. working a side job for extra cash)

FOLLOW THROUGH- Put your plan of action, well, IN ACTION!

Loving yourself isn't selfish. Part of loving yourself is being healthy and happy.

Change your Thoughts...Change your Actions...Change your Life!

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