Go Fish!

When i was a kid, I loved playing the card game 'Go Fish'. The rules of the game were you were dealt a handful of cards to start. You had to ask someone for a certain card you have in your hand. If they had it, they had to give it to you and you were able to go again. If they didn't, you had to draw a card.

**** Let's think about this game in a real life perspective.****

We are all dealt a hand of cards in life. What we do with them is totally up to us. Sometimes we can ask for help from the wrong person. When this happens, a lot of times we no longer want to ask for help because we don't want to have to add to the pile of cards we already have by drawing more. This is past hurts. Our pain we carry with us. We build walls.

Sometimes our failures cause us to have to draw another card to add to our hand that seems already so full. It can be overwhelming. These cards come with many titles... Family, friends, work, health. We bundle these all together, and here is your life.

One of our other choices that is an actual positive is to ask the right person for a card you need. Asking for help is hard for many people because of the past hurts. If we never ask though, we never will know. In our life, there are many people that hold cards that have nothing but good intentions for you. They want you to succeed, they want to help you achieve your goals. These people will give you the cards you need so you can lay them down and lessen your load you are carrying in your life. Who is helping you with your cards to lessen the load?

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