Is Your Fear Still Serving It's Purpose?

Remember when you were a child and your parents told you things like, "Don't talk to strangers"? Most parents said this to their children in hopes of keeping their children safe from strangers. How many times though have we been told things that are a part of our global belief system that are no longer serving a purpose in our life now?

A global belief system dictates our beliefs towards others and the world in general. These beliefs are usually expressed with "People are...," or "Life is ...". For example, if you were always told to not talk to strangers. Your global belief was that strangers might harm you. As you get older, you learn that this is not totally true. Although, sometimes when we experience something negative with a person in our life, we subconsciously will go back to that global belief that people are bad, out to harm us or untrustworthy. Global beliefs can limit you from achieving personal as well as professional goals in your life.

So the big question to ask yourself is.... Does my fear still serve it's purpose?

Do you limit yourself by still believing things about yourself or others that no longer serve their purpose? Were you raised to fear or hate

a certain group of people? Sometimes this is not even taught or personally experienced, but observed by others experiences that you overheard or saw. How do you overcome this?

You can overcome this global belief by getting out of your comfort zone. Experience life for yourself. Challenge yourself to make notes of the things that you fear, and make a plan to push yourself past your fears.

Do you need help trying to push through your global beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your life? Contact me today for a free consultation. Let's overcome this together.

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